The meeting of October 7th had 20 members present. The minutes of the September meeting were read by VP Don Urena and were accepted.

Treasurer Paul Montgomery advised that the previous treasury posting showed $12,608 in the account and it currently has $11,046. Paul also advised that Dec 2nd is the date for the club Xmas luncheon at Carvers this year at a price of $30 per person. More details to follow.

Chartermaster Frank Moton advised that he is putting together next years charters and will have them available for the XMas Lunchon. To be included will be some of member Orchid Martinez's one day trips out of Ensenada which are quite popular.

The elections for next years (2020) slate of officers is coming up so if you are interested in a position or have a suggestion for someone to run at the next meeting discussions will be held and votes taken. The current slate of officers have all agreed to stay on for another term but welcome anyone who wants to run to do so.

Our speaker for the meeting was Dan Hernandez who is well known for the longest running fishing show on TV. A native of LA, Dan is a real advocate of fishing and talked about his early start at 4 years old fishing in Griffith Park in downtown LA for bluegills. Dan sponsors the Dan Hernandez Youth Foundation which holds fishing events for kids in the southern California area. Some of the comments/observations Dan made over his many years on the water were as follows: On any charter 15% of the fisherman catch 95% of the fish. When baiting up be careful how you handle your bait and select active healthy ones that don't have red noses or are floaters. Dan also said that he is a big advocate of using circle hooks and these days, while fishing on a party boat, carries two rods spooled with 50-65 lb spectra with leader material ranging from 20-50 lbs depending on the activity and size of the fish being targeted. Dan utilizes the more current rigs utilizing smaller reels with a large spool capacity and heavy drags. The crowd could have spent all morning listening to Dan and his advice and stories covering his years of fishing and his talk was well received and enjoyed.

The next meeting will be held on November 4th at 10:30 AM.

Weldon Keating
RB Anglers