Fishing Lake Poway

Trout (Nebraska Tailwalkers)
Fish from the shallows to 20 feet of water with size 10 or a size 12 treble hook using night crawlers or small lures from Fishermen’s Outlet.
A 4-6 pound test fluorocarbon leader of two to six feet with 10 pound test braided line works well. Use a blood knot between the leader and the line and bond with Superglue.
When you get a bite/hit, be sure and let the fish swallow the hook. These trout have very tender and small mouths and the hook will tear loose if not “gut hooked.”
Lead the fish away from the weeds/rocks as you set the hook. Do not jerk the rod or start reeling right away.
9 AM to 11 AM is the best bite, although night fishing can be productive.

20 pound test braided line and 5 pound test fluorocarbon using the blood knot and superglue with a purple worm.
The larger crank baits work well.

Catfish (Blue or Channel) 30 pound test line with 10 pound fluorocarbon using 3/0 bait hook with cut mackerel or and smelly baitfish such as anchovies or sardines.

Sunfish, Bluegills, Pumpkinseeds, etc..
Worm pieces on 8 to 10 hook off shore or dock.

Carp -- Take out of the lake.
Quagga Mussels -- Lake Poway has them. Clean your tackle/gear.